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If insurance proceeds are being used to pay for the roof, the deductible must be paid in full by the homeowner.

See the link below regarding the new deductible law.

We recommend our FREE roof inspection. During that inspection we can determine the extent of damage and repair existing problems.

Cheap labor isn’t skilled and skilled labor isn’t cheap.

Each roof has special needs and details. The cost of your roof is figured with your homes needs in mind.

Are shingles missing?

Are shingles in your yard?

Do you see hits and dings on your gutters or soft metals?

Are people in your neighborhood getting their roofs replaced?

Is your roof more than 12 years old?

If so, please call today for your free inspection, 817-571-7809 or 972-470-9999.

We offer same day installation!

Call Tarrant Roofing and we will walk you through each step of the process, 817-571-7809 or 972-470-9999.

FREE – No Charge, Full Inspection of your current roof.

Within 45-60 minutes of receiving your call our office we will have a Representative call you back to schedule your free roof inspection.

24 hours from inspection date/time.

Tarrant Roofing is an Elite Roofing Company that carries 5 Million in General Liability and Worker’s Compensation.

We are Full Restoration Company. We can repair anything a storm has damaged!

For example we can take a 12oz coke can and make it look new again. However, we cannot make that 12oz coke can a 16oz coke can.

We are a Restoration Contractor not a remodeling company.

The only areas of a home we do not touch are foundation, swimming pools and balconies.